directors insuranceCoverage for Corporate Directors, Officers and Boards

As a leading Cypress insurance agency, Cypress Insurance Professionals offers assistance in setting up directors insurance to provide added protection for your company’s board of directors, top executives, owners and officers. We understand the risks involved in managing and guiding a business in the modern world. Our team will help you to protect your board of directors with liability insurance options for the leaders of your company.

Protect Your Board of Directors and Your Business

Legal actions could be brought against your board of directors or top officers in your company for an array of accusations, including the following:

  • Lack of proper corporate governance or failing to lead in a responsible manner
  • Misusing or misappropriating corporate funds
  • Failing to stay in compliance with local, state and federal laws regarding workplace safety or employee interactions
  • Committing a breach of fiduciary duty that results in losses to the company
  • Misrepresenting company assets to government authorities or shareholders

Protecting your company and your leadership positions against these actions is critical to preserve your good reputation and to prevent serious financial losses to your business.

The Right Commercial Insurance Protections

One common misconception about directors insurance is that it is only necessary for major corporations and large business operations. Even the smallest company could be targeted by these allegations. At Cypress Insurance Professionals, we will carefully evaluate your company’s level of risk and will provide you with the cost-effective options necessary to protect your business against allegations against your directors and officers.

Cypress Insurance Professionals provides the support and guidance your business needs to choose the right insurance options. We have experience in the greater Houston area and specialize in Texas insurance packages tailored to the needs of our clients. Call us today at 281-746-9273 to schedule a consultation. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.